Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd.  A private Iincorporated company   Eastablished in 1965

Global Customers of SHENLI:

Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Portugal, Norway, Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, England, Germany, France.

Korea, Arab, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand, Emirate of Dubai, India, Vietnam, Kazakhstan.

North America:
United States, Canada.

South America:
Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela.

Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand.

South Africa


SHENLI has more than 500 sets of equipments, including the 26 key sets of testing equipments. The technology center adopts the advanced CAD two and three-dimensional design system, three-dimensional laser canner and advanced ANSYS emulational analysis system. Now SHENLI has the capacity of product design, mould making and testing.

Raw material warehouse

Forging line

Mould machining center

Machining workshop

Heat treating product line

Laboratory test

Magnetic detection

Packaging workshop

Finished warehouse

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