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Science and technology leads development, innovation and vitality

Science and technology leads development, innovation and vitality

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On February 26 , 2018 ,  Du Daping , general manager of the first floor enterprise exhibition hall of the company, presented a prize for innovation and took photos with five comrades who had made achievements in improving typing standards and energy-saving renovation of equipment in the mould factory  .
Shenli rigging company attaches great importance to technological innovation and technological transformation , taking innovation as the first driving force to lead the development of enterprises , has always adhered to innovation-driven intelligent leadership, promoting new and old kinetic energy conversion to achieve new breakthroughs .
At the same time ,  enterprises pay more attention to the establishment of enterprise innovation system and the concretion of technical reform projects. And in order to improve the quality of energy-saving as a grasp , vigorously carry out technological innovation and technological transformation activities, vigorously carry out small reform and rationalization proposals . In order to ensure the safe  , energy-saving and efficient operation of enterprises  , stimulate the vitality of enterprises, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market ,  and increase the efficiency of enterprises and society ,  we should eliminate inefficient and energy-consuming equipment ,  improve the quality of equipment maintenance , improve the utilization rate of equipment and improve the level of technical equipment .