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Shenli rigging factory eliminates hidden dangers

Shenli rigging factory eliminates hidden dangers

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        According to the requirements of the first-level response to major public health emergencies, in order to effectively prevent and control the spread of new coronavirus pneumonia, scientifically and standardly do a good job in the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia, cut off the transmission channels, reduce the epidemic harm, and further strengthen the company's resumption Reinforcement of epidemic prevention and control“Work plan for prevention and control of pneumonia of new coronavirus infection in industrial enterprises of Jining City”(Jigongxinzi [2020] No. 4) Related requirements, combined with the actual situation of our company, Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. has formulated a strict and comprehensive work plan for epidemic prevention and control to protect the physical and mental health and life of the Shenli family Healthy, maintaining stable and safe production operations!

        First, on February 2th, the company set up a company-level, branch-level and department-level two-level epidemic prevention and control work leading group. At the same time, the company requires each branch plant and department to set up a corresponding leading group for epidemic prevention and control according to the actual situation of the department. And in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, plan in advance, make overall arrangements, cooperate with each other, go all out, take responsibility for all Shenli family members, and take strict, effective and thorough precautionary measures.

        Second, on February 6th, the company formulated the "Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd." with the goal of popularizing epidemic prevention and control knowledge, improving the epidemic prevention and control information monitoring and reporting network, establishing a rapid response mechanism, and preventing and controlling the occurrence and spread of the epidemic in the company. The Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Plan "established and improved the company-level epidemic prevention and control work leadership group, epidemic quarantine prevention and control work leadership group, epidemic situation disposal group, information collection and submission group, and logistics support group to further strengthen the company's resumption of work and re-production of epidemic prevention and control Work to refine and deepen prevention and control measures.

        Third, on February 8th, the company donated 1 million yuan to the targeted epidemic prevention and control fund and held a resumption epidemic prevention and control special meeting, formulated a plan for resumption of labor and resumed production, and organized disinfection and epidemic prevention work in advance; the same day, the company formulated the "Shandong Shenli Rigging the Epidemic Prevention and Control Management System ", clarify the prevention and control measures, refine the prevention and control methods, and take multiple measures to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work is rule-based and evidence-based, and resolutely curb the spread of the new crown virus.

        Fourth, on February 10th, General Manager Du Daping personally led a team to supervise the epidemic elimination and prevention work, fully mobilize the strength of all departments at all levels, ensure the comprehensive coverage of the epidemic elimination work, leaving no dead ends, for the safety of personnel after resumption. Eliminate hidden dangers to health. Branches and departments are responsible for killing and preventing epidemics in the production and office areas under their jurisdiction, and the logistics department is responsible for killing and preventing epidemics in all public areas of the company. The heads of branches and departments supervise and complete the morning (7:30), The epidemic prevention work was eliminated three times during the middle (12:00) and late (16:50), and all public places such as office buildings, production workshops, canteens, warehouses, factory roads and other public places in the factory area were killed and epidemic prevention work, and relevant records were made. 

        Strict prevention and control of epidemic situation

        At the moment of the epidemic, the company will implement the strictest closed management. The entrance is the first pass, and it must be ‘heavy guarded’!The company arranges management personnel to perform guarding duties in batches, and Shenli Rigging attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic. At the entrance of the factory, the bulletin board is densely covered with various precautionary instructions, from the entry and exit instructions to the daily employee health registration form, from the hand washing and disinfection process to the mask wearing steps. For enterprises, the company that always has the highest safety and health of its employees will take strict protective measures to effectively implement various epidemic prevention and control measures.

        Comprehensive elimination of hidden dangers

        The company implements the system of responsible persons for the implementation of epidemic prevention and control in segmented areas to ensure that they are in place and responsible, and organizes branches and departments to be responsible for killing and preventing epidemics in the production and office areas under their jurisdiction. Effectively build a "horizontal to side, vertical to the end" prevention and control network.

        The company conscientiously implemented the "eight must", "five in place" and "four adherence" prevention and control policies mentioned in the "Work Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia of New Coronavirus Infection in Industrial Enterprises of Jining City", and the investigation must be fully in place Do not leave a dead end, do not miss a person.

        The company's general manager, Du Daping, personally led a team to supervise the epidemic elimination and prevention work, fully implemented the plant area epidemic elimination and prevention work, and eliminated hidden dangers for the safety and health of the Shenli family after the start of the project.

        The person in charge of the branch plant and department supervises and completes the epidemic prevention work of killing three times in the morning (7:30), middle (12:00), and late (16:50) in their respective areas, and keeps records.

        The company strictly controls the spread of the epidemic and cuts off the transmission of the virus. It not only conducts comprehensive inspection, disinfection, and recording of personnel entering and leaving the factory area, but also strictly controls the raw materials required for production, product processing, packaging supplies, product storage and transportation, etc., completely prevents epidemics and eliminates any loopholes and ensures product safety. Foreigners are not allowed to enter the factory in principle. If it is necessary to enter the factory under special circumstances, it must be disinfected, temperature measured, and there should be no abnormalities after registration.

        From the office area to the production area, from the employee canteen to the event venue, from outdoor facilities to employee dormitories, the company's various control measures have created a tight and secure security barrier. Strict and rigorous, and dense and meticulous, we need to check for gaps and perseverance, and persevere, preferring to set more security checkpoints, and never give viruses a chance.

        The epidemic of new crown pneumonia came suddenly, but under the strong leadership of the party and the country, and under our joint efforts, we adopt strict protective measures in accordance with scientific and standardized protective methods, consciously abide by the epidemic protection regulations, and effectively do our best. Protection, we will defeat the virus! Epidemic prevention is the top priority, but it is equally unsatisfactory to ensure the smooth progress of production. Although affected by the epidemic situation, the production and operation of various industries will be under pressure, but to fight against the epidemic situation, we must also maintain production. Upstream is our direction. The more it is at this moment, the more it can unite people's hearts. At the moment, it is necessary to show the power of the magical man, roll up his sleeves and work hard. We are united in one mind, overcome difficulties, quickly put into production, maintain stability and make progress, and create greater glories! SHENLI RIGGING, come on!