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Shenli workshop, all machines are full of power

Shenli workshop, all machines are full of power

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        It is expected that the spring will be cold and the epidemic situation has not disappeared . The situation against new coronaviruses is still very serious . Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd ., while doing a good job in personnel protection and virus killing , has faced difficulties and the company's production capacity has gradually recovered to pre-epidemic levels . The production work is stable and orderly,  and the operation situation is on track .

        Winter will eventually pass, spring has arrived, and the epidemic will not stop the enthusiasm for resumption of production. In the office area, some staff are busy operating computers, coordinating internal and external supply and demand; others shuttle between offices, linking the functions of various departments, performing their duties and being loyal to their duties.
After pressing the "production key", the machines in each production shop roared, and the sound of forging and cutting was endless. The various processes on the production line are seamlessly connected, all the staff wear masks, some race against time to transport materials, some are fully engaged in operating the machine, and some are carefully measuring various data, with a magnificent attitude and full enthusiasm in their respective In this post, we are diligent in our duties, dissipate heat, and rush to work for orders from home and abroad. There is a vigorous and orderly production atmosphere.

        Our company, as the first batch of special and special “small giant” enterprises announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shandong province's manufacturing single champion enterprise, Shandong province high-tech enterprise, Shandong Rigging Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Province Academician workstations and the Shandong Industrial Design Center need to give play to the leading role of leading enterprises, revitalize the entire industrial chain, continue to make efforts, and achieve full production. The company is working hard to keep up with the productivity, to make up for the losses caused by the delay in resumption of work, to serve each customer with the highest quality products, and to fully guarantee the timely delivery of each order.

        At sunrise, the river is red as fire, and in spring, the river is green as blue. Spring has arrived. After the cold spring is expected, it will be full of flowers. In order to implement the safety production of our company, our company will continue to implement the requirements for the resumption of production and resume production in 2020, and do a good job of epidemic prevention and protection, so that the majority of cadres and employees can rest assuredly engaged in the current intensive and orderly work, and ensure that the branches, departments and offices Work normally and make every effort to ensure the successful completion of all indicators and tasks throughout the year.