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Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.

Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.

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Sidelights on Party member's participation in planting activities of run River Wetland Park in Jining Economic Development Zone
At 8:30 a.m. on April 9, the afforestation activity for Runhe Wetland Park in Jining Economic Development Zone organized by the Party Labor Committee and the Administrative Committee of Jining Economic Development Zone was held in the park under construction opposite to the office building of the Administrative Committee. Our company was led by general manager Du Daping, and the team members of 20 party members arrived at the tree planting site on time.
With the great efforts made by the Party Central Committee and the state to protect the environment, the environment on which we live has been gradually improved, and the green mountains, green waters and blue skies have returned to our lives. Afforestation, conversion of farmland to forests and ecological reconstruction are important means to change our environment. Afforestation can make soil and water conservation. If we want to curb soil erosion, we must forestation. Tree planting and afforestation can greatly improve the ecological environment and reduce the loss of flood and waterlogging by controlling soil erosion, windbreak and sand fixation, and increasing the capacity of soil water storage. Moreover, with the economic forests gradually entering the mature stage, the direct and indirect economic benefits are enormous, and a lot of labor and achievements can be provided. Industry opportunities to promote the sustainable development of local economy.
After an hour of seedling collection, soil cultivation, backfilling tree pits, standing firm, we planted 56 ornamental landscape trees on the slopes of the Wetland Park. Comrades can not afford to sweat, covered with soil, to see the original bare hillside was beautified by us, everyone's face is filled with happy smiles. We believe that the Runhe Wetland Park will soon become a good place for the people of Jining Development Zone to play and entertain, and let everyone personally feel that the green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains.
(writing, photography: Yu Tonglei)


General Manager Du Daping (first right) led the team to participate in tree planting activities



Participate in planting trees to take a group photo in front of planting a beautiful landscaped forest