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The mayor and his entourage came to our company to investigate and resume work and production safety

The mayor and his entourage came to our company to investigate and resume work and production safety

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       On the morning of February 20th, Comrade Lin Hongyu, deputy secretary of the Jining Municipal Party Committee, Mayor of the Municipal Government, and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group led the responsible comrades of relevant departments to our company to investigate the safety production work. The company’s chairman Du Yazhong and general manager Du Daping accompanied the investigation and introduced the company’s safety production in detail. Accompanied by the chairman and general manager, the research team first visited the company's exhibition hall and carefully understood the production process, main uses and product characteristics of the leading products of Shenli rigging.



       After that, the research team went to the workshop to inspect the safety production management work on site. Mr. Du reported in detail the safety work plan for the resumption of work and production formulated by our company according to the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Resuming Work and Production Safety after the Spring Festival" issued by the Economic Development Zone’s Hundred Days of Safe Production Headquarters. In the production work, do the “six musts” well, strengthen the organization and leadership, analyze and predict the problems that may arise during the resumption of production in advance, refine preventive measures, layer responsibilities, do a good job in safety management and control, and effectively implement safety Responsibility to ensure the safety of resumption of work and production. The company will continue to carry out in-depth special safety rectification actions, investigate and control hidden safety hazards, and urge the company to maintain and repair through regular inspections of equipment and facilities to ensure that responsibilities and management are in place. Mayor Lin Hongyu fully affirmed the safety of our company's resumption of work and production, and asked to further improve safety awareness, firmly establish the concept of safe development, insist on life first, and make every effort to do a good job in safety production.



       During the investigation, Mr. Du also reported on the construction of the Shenli Rigging green and intelligent new modern factory project. The new factory is not a copy of the original factory, but the integration, innovation and integration of new technological achievements in the domestic and international lifting sling industry. Remake. Our new forging and new welding will adopt the industrial system of production informationization and lean management to realize forging, welding automation, intelligent and order-based production. After the new park is completed and put into production, the company’s main business will include 80-level lifting rigging, 100-level and 120-level high-end rigging, 100-level high-end export chains, electrified railway contact net parts, die forging insulator steel caps, and non-ferrous metals. The product system mainly forgings, supplemented by coal mining machinery forgings, marine ship forgings, auto parts, etc., continues to benefit the society and employees!