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The Jining delegation investigated the construction of the technology innovation carrier of Shenli rigging

The Jining delegation investigated the construction of the technology innovation carrier of Shenli rigging

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In order to gain an in-depth understanding of outstanding technology innovation carriers and innovative talents, on the morning of March 30, an inspection team composed of Jining Talent Development Center and Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, accompanied by relevant leaders from the Organization Department of the Economic Development Zone and the Economic Development Bureau, Came to the company for on-site inspections and investigations.

As the only selected company in the Economic Development Zone, the chairman of the company Du Yazhong introduced to the inspection team in detail the achievements of the company's development, innovation platform operation, talent recruitment, and future development planning of the company. Shenli Rigging has established a long-term innovation mechanism. At present and in the future, we will insist on building an influential and competitive science and innovation carrier platform as an important support and support for gathering resource elements, as a breakthrough and mainstay for development and transformation. battlefield.

 After learning about the innovation investment, innovation ability and innovation results of Shenli Rigging, the delegation highly praised Shenli Rigging’s talent innovation and scientific and technological innovation practices. Shenli Rigging’s human-oriented and technological innovation strategy of strengthening the company will develop the local economy. Continue to inject new kinetic energy, insist on advancing the construction of science and technology innovation carriers, enhance the quality of divine power, accelerate transformation and upgrading with innovation, and create a new engine for high-quality development, which will further contribute to the economic development of our city!