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Ingenuity forges the dream of divine power, hard work and business to achieve good results

Ingenuity forges the dream of divine power, hard work and business to achieve good results

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In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and fully implement the goals and tasks of the reform of the construction of the industrial worker team in the new era, actively create a neon enclosure that respects knowledge and talents, raises the general staff’s awareness of the "craftsman spirit", and builds a knowledge-based, An army of skilled and innovative workers. On the morning of April 19, the company’s chairman Du Yazhong and general manager Du Daping presented certificates of honor and trophies to the winners of the "Shandong Metal Products Industry Master and Qilu Craftsman" in the company's office building.



In this award ceremony, a total of eight technicians from our company were named on the list. Among them, the winners of the "Great Craftsman" award in the metal products industry are: Liu Yunbin, a special technician of the forging branch, and Zhang Tixue, a special technician of the rail business department; The "Craftsman" awards are: Ma Zhaoshen, special technician of the production center, Liu Qingfeng, special technician of the machining branch, Yuan Weihua, chief technician of the mold branch, Ding Dezheng, special technician of the track branch, Hu Yanjun, special technician of the electrical workshop, and Zhu Enge, the chief technician of the electrical workshop.



The acquisition of this honor further demonstrates the company's development strength and the ability to cultivate technical craftsmen. Our company will continue to play the role of industry leader and typical demonstration, create a glorious social style of labor and a dedicated atmosphere of excellence, guide skilled talents to work hard in their respective positions, and with the joint efforts of everyone, improve product quality and efficiency. Increase revenue and enable the company to achieve sustainable development.



At present, China is moving from a "manufacturing power" to a "manufacturing power", which puts forward higher requirements for the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, we must further explore innovative and creative talents, make achievements in process improvement, technological innovation, etc., carry forward the craftsman spirit of "persistent focus, excellence, meticulous, and pursuit of excellence", and lead the team to solve production, technology, equipment, design, and Technical and technological issues such as quality inspection play a demonstrative and leading role in the construction of skilled talent teams and labor competition activities.