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General Manager Du Daping won the "Shandong Province May 1st Labor Medal" in 2021

General Manager Du Daping won the "Shandong Province May 1st Labor Medal" in 2021

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At 9:00 am on April 29th, Li Xiude, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Council of the Shandong Light Industry Collective Enterprise Association, led a team to visit Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. and presented the award to the general manager of our company, Du Daping, and awarded Shandong Shenli Rigging The general manager of the company, Du Daping, was awarded the honorary title of "May 1st Labor Medal" in Shandong Province.



Wang Peng, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the agency, awarded the honorary certificate of Shandong Province "May 1st Labor Medal"; the chairman of the association Yu Heli presided over the meeting; the member of the light industry association Wang Weiqiang, the director of the association Zou Mingchen and Zhao Chenggang attended the award ceremony as non-voting delegates.



The company’s chairman Du Yazhong delivered a brief speech at the meeting, and the company’s assistant-level and above leaders attended the award ceremony.



Afterwards, General Manager Du Daping gave an enthusiastic acceptance speech. President Du said: "Achievements belong to the past, and the future lies in creation! Looking forward to the future, new starting points, new journeys, opportunities contain exciting opportunities, and development is full of confidence. Let us join hands and, under the leadership of the company's leaders, will honor today's honors. The pressure brought is transformed into motivation, and work hard for the company's development and growth, and for creating a better tomorrow for the company!"



Comrade Du Daping is currently the general manager of Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd., who is mainly responsible for the company's internal and external trade sales and technology research and development. Since joining the work, he has adhered to sincere service, conscientiously do a good job in domestic and foreign market development and sales business, in accordance with the continuous, continuous, and continuous technical work attitude, always maintain the spirit of tenacity, perseverance, tenacity, and enterprising, taking challenges as opportunities. He delves into business seriously, learns from colleagues with an open mind, loves his work, is practical and dedicated. Together with colleagues in the sales department, under the current severe market economy, orders are coming in one after another, making outstanding contributions to the company's sales work.



He insists that "science and technology are the primary productive forces", constantly increases investment in scientific research and development and technological creation, makes full use of high-tech technology to improve product quality, and develops new products that are best-selling for export to the international market. The production process strictly adopts foreign advanced standards (European Union 1677) to organize production. The company took the lead in passing the ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification audit in the same industry in the province.

He insisted on donating to school, caring for disadvantaged groups, sympathetic to the lives of employees, and participating in social activities. In the past three years, donated more than 100,000 yuan to donate to schools and care for disadvantaged groups; actively participate in activities such as donation and book donation of municipal organizations; reform the operating mechanism of staff restaurants to improve the quality of staff’s food, environment and conditions; visit old staff with condolences on festivals , Veteran cadres, and families with employees in difficulties; actively participate in social welfare activities.

In recent years, Mr. Du has presided over the development of a high-tech series of 100-level rigging products that meet the higher requirements of foreign countries, which has been listed as a national key new product trial production plan, filling the domestic gap, and has obtained 41 national patents in the past three years. At present, the company has a series of complete R&D, development, and production capabilities for various forged rigging products, such as R&D and design, mold making, and production inspection, laying the foundation for a first-class domestic rigging export production base.

The company is under the leadership of the leadership team led by general manager Du Daping to fully implement and implement the series of spirits since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, unswervingly follow the path of harmonious development, and build the enterprise The world's 80- and 100-grade rigging products have the most varieties, the most complete specifications, and the largest export production base, contributing to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Since taking office, President Du has been repeatedly affirmed by superior leaders due to his outstanding achievements, and has successively won the following honorary titles:

1. In April 2017, he was awarded the honorary title of "May 1st Model" by Shandong Hardware and Weighing Industry Association;

2. In December 2018, he was awarded the honorary title of "2018 Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Industry Outstanding Entrepreneur" by Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Association;

3. In January 2019, was awarded the honorary title of "2018 Advanced Worker" by Shandong Hardware and Weighing Industry Association;

4. In April 2019, it was jointly awarded by the Jining Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Jining Development and Reform Commission, the Jining Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Jining Science and Technology Bureau, the Jining Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the Jining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Jining Daily, and the Jining Radio and Television Station. Honorary title of the Fifth Youth Entrepreneurship Pioneer in Jining City;

5. In May 2020, he was awarded the honorary title of "Shandong Province Technical Expert" by the Shandong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security in 2019;

6. In November 2012, it was jointly awarded the honorary title of "Jining Caring Entrepreneur" by Jining Charity Federation, Jining State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Jining Daily and other departments;

7. In January 2021, he was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Industry in 2020" by Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Association;
8. In April 2021, he was awarded the honorary title of "May 1st Labor Medal" by Shandong Federation of Trade Unions.
Social work

1. In September 2020, he was elected as the vice chairman of Jining Xinqiao Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance;

2. In November 2020, he was elected as the vice chairman of the Jining City Introducing Foreign Intelligence Alliance.

He always believes that this is just a specific work done under the care and cultivation of superior leaders. This is just a drop in the ocean. The honors won can only represent the past. More importantly, we must focus on today and tomorrow, cherish honor, move forward from the beginning, and work hard from today. In ordinary positions, work diligently and wholeheartedly to make new and greater contributions.