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Congratulations to Chairman Du Yazhong on his election as the chairman of Jining Invention Association

Congratulations to Chairman Du Yazhong on his election as the chairman of Jining Invention Association

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In order to further mobilize the association’s directors and members to recognize the situation, invigorate the spirit, gather the wisdom and efforts of all, create a strong atmosphere for promoting "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", and accelerate the construction of an innovative Jining and a strong intellectual property city, May 29 , The Third Member Representative Conference of Jining Invention Association was held in Shandong Vocational College of Technology. Li Shouyun, executive vice chairman of the Provincial Invention Association, Xu Qianying, former deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress, director Yan Yong of the Municipal Intellectual Property Development Center, and deputy director Wang Baoguo attended the meeting.



This meeting first listened to Comrade Zhang Jianqun’s work report on the second session of the Invention Association, reporting on the achievements of the Invention Association in the past five years in promoting and popularizing scientific and technological knowledge, encouraging inventions and creations, promoting the transformation of invention results, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of inventors. Concluded.



After that, the meeting heard the financial work report of the 2nd Association of Inventions. After deliberation, the conference revised the constitution of the Association of Inventions, changed the original competent department from the Municipal Intellectual Property Office to the business guidance department, the Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Intellectual Property Development Center, and adjusted the membership fee standards and Management measures and deliberated the election methods of the third leading body of Jining Invention Association.



Subsequently, the conference held the first meeting of the third council of the Jining Invention Association in the multifunctional small conference room. After full deliberation and democratic election, the third council, standing directors and permanent bodies of the association were elected. Comrade Du Yazhong Zhong Wanggui was elected as the new president of the Association of Inventions. Seven comrades Zhang Ming, Li Yong, Xu Xiangqian, Cheng Yongxi, Sun Xianjun, Wei Zhongrui, and Hu Shunquan were elected as vice presidents of the Association, and Comrade Zhang Junhua was elected as the secretary general of the Association. Two other consultants were elected: Xu Qianying and Qin Xianrui; one honorary chairman: Comrade Zhang Jianqun.


Comrade Du Yazhong, the newly-elected chairman of the Invention Association, delivered a speech. The city’s scientific and technological innovation and industrial high-quality development conference that has just ended has sounded the clarion call of “Grasping innovation and industry”. Today’s Jining has laid the “golden avenue” for enterprises and entrepreneurs to release their dreams. A "broad stage" for great achievements. Let us ride the east wind of the times, unite as one, and continue to actively serve as a link and bridge between inventors and the government under the leadership of the Civil Affairs Bureau of the association registration management authority, the Shandong Invention Association, the municipal business department and the president of the association. , To discover and support inventions and creations, and make outstanding contributions to accelerating the construction of innovative cities and promoting the high-quality development of Jining.