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Dragon Boat Festival, the fragrance of rice dumplings and you will be safe and healthy

Dragon Boat Festival, the fragrance of rice dumplings and you will be safe and healthy

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The Dragon Boat Festival is here as promised, and the love is always in the heart. Today, it is not just a festival, a tradition, and the Dragon Boat Festival is a kind of sentiment, thick and solid. Time flies, we are still the same, the magical rigging Dragon Boat Festival welfare is coming!



Providing more and better holiday benefits to employees is a true portrayal of the company's adherence to the concept of "company development benefits employees". The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, the company carefully purchased a gift box of rice dumplings for the majority of employees, and distributed them to each employee before the festival, so that the majority of employees can truly feel the warmth of the company's big family.



Each festival is connected to a kind of food, and Zongzi is the symbol of Dragon Boat Festival. Layers of zong leaves are wrapped in the same traditional delicacy, and the tip of the nose is looking for the faint fragrance of zong. A traditional holiday gift has been placed on the company's concern for all employees, and it embodies the company's development philosophy of relying on and serving employees wholeheartedly. The company will continue to adhere to the core values ​​of "people-oriented", further improve the employee welfare mechanism, provide employees with more and better holiday benefits, and continuously improve their sense of happiness, sense of acquisition and belonging.



Wear sachets, hang wormwood, mulan soup, drink realgar. May the fragrance of zongzi bring you all the good; the dragon boat race will help you to get rid of all your troubles. Divine power rigging, I wish you peace, peace and joy on the Dragon Boat Festival!