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Tribute to Father's Day

Tribute to Father's Day

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The poet Bei Dao said: Father is a book, without gorgeous words, but with endless truth. My father is used to giving silently, taking on alone silently, and then going back on the road silently. Father's love is often not straightforwardly revealed. We always neglect to express our father. Except for the pregnancy in October, he did no less than his mother. Father's love is invisible, and when you experience it with your heart, you will know that it is touching. In fear, father’s love is a stepping stone; in darkness, father’s love is a illuminating lamp; when exhausted, father’s love is a bay of water of life; when working hard, father’s love is the spiritual pillar; when successful, Fatherly love is also encouragement and a wake-up call. Wish all fathers peace and happiness, longevity and health, and happy Father's Day!



On the occasion of Father’s Day, on June 19th, the company’s general manager Du Daping meticulously planned a gratitude theme activity of "Passionate Meeting in 1978, Together in the Same Boat for 43 Years", to rig the founders, pioneers, promoters and meritorious figures of the gods. We express our sincere gratitude and sincere admiration for their outstanding contributions to the development of Shenli Rigging.



Comrade Du Yazhong, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Branch, Comrade Yang Yonghai, Executive Deputy General Manager, Comrade Tian Zhongjin, Assistant to the General Manager, and Comrade Li Guangde, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch and Chairman of the Labor Union, came to the then Jining No. 2 Tool Factory in December 1978. Participate in work! With a flick of a finger, the time comes to June 2021. Under the leadership of Comrade Du Yazhong as the main person in charge of the company, the original Jining No. The collective enterprise has developed into a large-scale private high-tech enterprise with high-end forging export rigging ranking among the world's top. The development of divine power rigging has benefited from the correct leadership of the great Communist Party of China, and it is the hard work of the pioneers of divine power. If there is a dream, there is hope. Only by working hard can we thrive. Our fathers have set an example for us!



Now, after decades of industry accumulation and precipitation, Shenli Rigging has established a sound system of R&D, design, mold making, production and processing, inspection and inspection, sales and after-sales service for all kinds of forged rigging. The products are sold well in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and are self-exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as Europe, America and the Middle East. At present, the company is the industry leader in terms of production scale, technical level, process equipment, product quality, product variety, specifications and quantity.



In order to express his respect for the meritorious deeds, Mr. Du presented Huawei Mate X2 folding screen mobile phones one by one to the four divine merits. It is indeed very valuable. I believe that only this value can demonstrate their merits! It is said that "accompaniment is the longest love confession", mobile phones are used as mediators, and it is convenient to communicate with each other in future work and life. For the rest of your life, you will be accompanied by shenli rigging!



We are grateful for the encounter, and we are grateful for like-minded divine meritorious deeds to know each other. Along the way, because of their hard work, because of their dedication, we believe that a group of people, one mind, one thing, working together, must do it all the way. Shenli people remember the history and pass on from generation to generation. The new generation of inheritors with general manager Du Daping as the core will definitely continue to uphold the spirit of perseverance, innovation, and insatiable enterprise, carry forward our excellent corporate culture concept and fine traditional style, fulfill our responsibilities for the country, and seek development for the company. Employees seeking welfare will surely make the older generation of shenli rigging proud and gratified!