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Give full play to the role of labor dispute prevention responsibility to promote a harmonious and win-win labor relationship

Give full play to the role of labor dispute prevention responsibility to promote a harmonious and win-win labor relationship

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On the morning of June 16, Jiang Guangqin, President of the Jining Arbitration Court, Xi Yunge, Vice President, Mei Yan, Secretary General of the Mediation Association, and Li Wanrui, a lawyer, visited our company to conduct research and guidance on the responsibility system for harmonious labor relations to help companies prevent labor disputes in advance. Risks, and hold a symposium on labor and personnel relations. Li Guangde, chairman of the company's labor union, Shan Chunxue from the human resources department, Di Yinghui from the security department, Li Guomin from the quality control center, and Yu Tonglei from the secretary of the board of directors accompanied the meeting.




Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd., in order to improve the company's internal labor dispute prevention and mediation mechanism, implement the spirit of labor dispute source governance and flexible resolution, and further promote the harmony and stability of labor relations, according to the city’s "harmony for the precious" labor dispute prevention and mediation brand building requirements, Based on the actual situation of the company, a leading group for the Harmonious Labor Relations Responsibility System and Labor Dispute Prevention Responsibility System was established with the party branch secretary and chairman Du Yazhong as the team leader, general manager Du Daping and executive vice president Yang Yonghai as the deputy team leaders. The team members are composed of the heads of the main departments of the company.



At the symposium, Dean Jiang and Vice Dean Xi fully affirmed the company's achievements in labor and personnel work. It also emphasizes that companies must clearly recognize the importance of doing mediation work, safeguarding the interests of employees, and creating a harmonious relationship between workers and the company. They must do a careful job of preventing labor disputes and provide efficient, convenient, and high-quality mediation and arbitration services. Further improve the service level of mediation and arbitration work for the people. Insist on standardizing organizational processes, strengthening personnel training, reducing labor disputes, and building a benchmark enterprise for mediation of labor and personnel disputes in Jining City.



Chairman Li and other company leaders first thanked the leaders of Jining City Arbitration Institute for their full recognition of labor and personnel dispute mediation, and gave a detailed introduction on the company's current development, harmonious labor relationship system, and labor contracts. The company actively protects employees’ right to participate, and has established a “worker’s home” (with a reading room, entertainment room, chess and card room, etc.); the “five insurances and one fund” have been upgraded to the “six insurances and two golds”, and the accident safety insurance and The company's annual salary, increase the wages and benefits of employees, give employees a sense of belonging, gain and happiness, reduce staff turnover, establish a safety responsibility system, improve the safety protection publicity mechanism, and enhance employees' safety awareness.



Creating an enterprise with a harmonious labor relationship is the core content of building a harmonious enterprise, an inevitable requirement for enterprise development and social stability, and a key task of trade union organizations. In recent years, under the correct leadership of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Court of Arbitration and the Mediation Association, our company aims to create a harmonious labor relationship enterprise, earnestly implements relevant requirements, and has achieved some results. The company will take further measures to grasp the ideological trends of employees in a timely manner, guide employees to express their demands reasonably, resolve unstable factors in a timely manner, and effectively create a good situation for enterprise development and employee benefits, and contribute more to the construction of harmonious labor relations and a harmonious society in the city!