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Tribute to the cutest Chinese soldier

Tribute to the cutest Chinese soldier

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"In our peaceful country, there is such a group of people: in times of crisis, they stand up, walk backwards, face difficulties, shed blood and sweat, and maintain peace. They use their youth to protect the happy lives of the people and use themselves. Their lives safeguard the sacred dignity of the motherland. This group of people has a unified and resounding name—Chinese soldiers."


On the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, in order to express respect for the Chinese soldiers and create a good social atmosphere of “the army loves the people, the people support the army, and the army and the people are close to each other”, the company’s general manager Du Daping led a team to the People’s Armed Forces of Jiaxiang County The Ministry and the Jiaxiang County Fire Brigade carried out holiday condolences activities. President Du had a cordial conversation with officers and soldiers, concerned about the daily life and training situation, asked if there were any difficulties and problems that could be solved, and introduced the development situation of the company's booming production and sales this year and the plan for the new industrial park. The achievements of the company's development have been unanimously recognized by the officers and soldiers.


Afterwards, General Manager Du Daping sent holiday condolences to the officers and soldiers, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to them for their outstanding contributions to supporting local economic and social development and maintaining local stability for a long time! It is hoped that the officers and soldiers will continue to maintain their fine traditions and continue to escort the development and stability of the social economy with full enthusiasm and a good state of mind. At the same time, our divine power rigging will also concentrate our efforts to seek development, focus on construction, never forget the original intention, and work hard to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!


Executive Deputy General Manager Yang Yonghai, Labor Union Chairman Li Guangde, Board Secretary Yu Tonglei, and Director of the Safety Management Department Di Yinghui accompanied the event.