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Shenli Rigging's first independent evaluation of enterprise skilled talents was successfully completed: Let the skilled talents develop better

Shenli Rigging's first independent evaluation of enterprise skilled talents was successfully completed: Let the skilled talents develop better

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On the morning of August 25, Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. held its first independent evaluation of senior workers and intermediate workers in the company’s meeting room. The company’s general manager Du Daping, executive vice president Yang Yonghai, labor union chairman Li Guangde, board secretary Yu Tonglei, general manager assistant Ma Zhaoshen, human resources director Shan Chunxue, and relevant branch factory directors, and city-aided climbing cadres Feng Chao attended the meeting. The certificate issuance ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Li Guangde, deputy secretary of the party branch and chairman of the labor union.



First of all, General Manager Du Daping delivered a speech for this event. On behalf of the company, President Du extended warm congratulations to the comrades who obtained the skill level certificate; at the same time, he also fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of the employees who are struggling in the production line for the company's development. Contribute, and encourage everyone to make persistent efforts, continuously improve personal abilities, improve work efficiency, improve business skills, and achieve the common development of individuals and enterprises.



Regarding the independent evaluation of skilled talents, Mr. Du pointed out: “By developing the independent evaluation of skilled talents, we can help companies improve the independent training, evaluation, use, and incentive mechanism of skilled talents, unblock the growth channels of skilled talents, and meet the needs of enterprises for skilled talents. It is necessary to truly make the procedures open and transparent, and the results are fair and just.

Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development and a viable force that enhances enterprise competition. The growth and progress of skilled personnel is of great significance to product quality improvement, production technology innovation, and enterprise high-quality development. In the next step, we will continue to promote enterprises to carry out independent evaluation through the establishment of rules and standardized procedures. Ensure that the company's independent evaluation achieves actual results, expand the training of our company's skilled personnel team, and promote our company's stronger, larger, and faster development through independent training of skilled personnel. "



Afterwards, Mr. Du issued certification certificates to the employees who passed the skill level assessment and took a group photo. There are three types of forging workers, lathe workers, and heat treatment workers in the level certification. Among them, 9 senior workers and 36 intermediate workers have passed the assessment. A total of 45 employees have successfully passed the employee skill level certification.



The self-assessment of enterprise talents has shifted from the government to the enterprise. The content of the evaluation is more in line with the actual production of the enterprise, and the results of the evaluation are more in line with the actual job requirements. It has opened up the "last mile" of the enterprise employee skill level identification. We will continue to summarize experience, innovate ideas, and improve skills The talent evaluation is scientific, standardized and pertinent, and strives to cultivate a group of high-level, professional and promising technical talents to provide a solid talent foundation for the company's high-quality development.