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Shenli Rigging issued bursaries for children of college entrance examination employees

Shenli Rigging issued bursaries for children of college entrance examination employees

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On the morning of August 30th, Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. held a "Shenli Scholarship" award ceremony for the 19 families of students who were named in the gold list of this summer's college entrance examination in the lobby of the office building. The company’s chairman Du Yazhong, general manager Du Daping, executive vice president Yang Yonghai, labor union chairman Li Guangde, and municipal enterprise climbing cadres Feng Chao attended the ceremony.



At the beginning of the ceremony, General Manager Du Daping expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the 19 students who were named by the Golden List! Congratulations to them for their bright future, academic success, and promising future! At the same time, I would like to express my sincere blessings to the supernatural family members who have cultivated outstanding students! The wish to become a dragon with a child and a girl as a phoenix has been realized, and more than ten years of meticulous training have yielded fruitful results!



Subsequently, Mr. Du, on behalf of the company, issued grants to the 19 children of employees who were admitted to the university in 2021. Mr. Du pointed out: This year’s grant of grants is a intensive and large-scale renamed "Divine Power Grants" issuance ceremony in the course of the company’s high-quality development. Practical actions promised to benefit employees from enterprise development. General Secretary Xi said: "Looking forward to the future, the younger generation of our country will have a lot to do and will do a lot. This is the historical law of "the waves behind the Yangtze River pushes the waves forward", and it is also the youth responsibility of "one generation is stronger than one generation." College students always remember the message of the general secretary, carefully grasp the golden age of the student age, embrace dreams, and strive for the day and night, work hard academically, learn true abilities, practice true skills, and become useful talents in society as soon as possible, depicting belonging My own wonderful life.



Employees Zhang Xinhui and Yang Qin spoke on behalf of the parents of the students: they are not only happy for their children's excellent results, but also especially thank the chairman and general manager of the company for the "superior scholarship" for the children! The company's annual welfare policy for admission to undergraduate colleges fully reflects the warmth of the company's big family and reflects the corporate culture of respecting knowledge and talents. On behalf of the awarded students and parents, they expressed their lofty respect and heartfelt gratitude to the company leaders, and wished the Shenli Rigging prosperous and rising again!



Selfless dedication and sincere help are the traditional virtues of our Chinese nation, and it is the glorious tradition of our divine power family. The meaning of "Divine Power Scholarship" has far surpassed the gift of materials and money, and more importantly lies in the encouragement and inheritance of spirit. Let us always have a love of caring for others and dedication to society, and remember the virtues of selfless dedication, watching and helping each other, giving roses to others, and having a lingering fragrance in our hearts, and pass on forever.