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Shenli Rigging distributes employee benefits during the Mid-Autumn Festival

Shenli Rigging distributes employee benefits during the Mid-Autumn Festival

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Moon is the hometown of Ming, and the spirit is stronger. It is the Mid-Autumn Festival. In this national reunion festival, in order to practice the people-oriented corporate culture and express its care and condolences to all cadres and employees, Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. issued holiday benefits to all employees.



This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the company’s leaders carefully selected six kinds of benefits, including peppered chicken, edible oil, fine mushrooms, and seasonings. They were simple and unpretentious and needed for life. They really put the employees' lives in their hearts and put them into practice. Hard work, serious life, no matter how many poems and distant places, you must live a life that is now plain but worth cherishing, and this is nothing more than chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea. For the dedicated leadership, like it!



Walking into the company's warehouse center, gifts are a mountain, full of affection. Since September 14th, the company's warehouse center began to receive and handle holiday gifts storage, and all storage benefits were stored in different categories, scientifically and rationally stored, and actively coordinated with various departments to issue gifts. The whole process is well-organized, and the management level is amazing!



The welfare distribution scene was very lively, and everyone’s joy was beyond words. The Shenli family carried large and small gift boxes in their hands, with happy smiles on their faces. The heavy welfare represented the company’s leaders’ deep love and care for our Shenli family. Full of holiday blessings.



In this reunion time, in order to further promote the Chinese nation’s traditional virtues of respecting and loving the elderly, give full play to the role of trade unions as a bridge between the party and the masses, and enable retired employees to have a peaceful, peaceful and happy old age. On September 16, the company The Mid-Autumn Festival condolences group composed of the labor union, the office of the board of directors, the Ministry of Safety and Environment and the factory director of the branch plant visited and expressed condolences to retired cadres and families with special difficulties on behalf of the company’s party organization and board of directors.



Along the way, Shenli Rigging has always been adhering to the development concept of "corporate development and employees benefiting", and has always believed that there will be gains when you pay, and there will always be results in persistence. Keep going, and the future can be expected. We must closely surround the company leaders, adhere to the leadership of party building, do our job well, and work hard for the embodiment of personal value and the high-quality development of supernatural rigging!