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Only quality can make the company develop better

Only quality can make the company develop better

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For the development of the new era, the quality of goods always comes first, and product quality is the cornerstone of the survival and development of an enterprise! In recent years, the company's registered brands such as "Shenli Rigging", "SLR" and "DUKE" have won unanimous praise from users at home and abroad. This is in line with the company's leaders always paying attention to quality, and each branch and team strictly controls the quality and quality control center. Strict quality control is inseparable.



At the weekly mid-level cadre meeting of Shenli Rigging, the Quality Control Center will report the quality problems reported by the company and customers in the previous week, and analyze the reasons, trace the roots, and let the problems be completely solved. By analogy, resolutely prevent the same quality problem from happening again.



The company’s technical department, quality management department, enterprise management department and human resources department regularly and irregularly carry out standard implementation training to make the "three standards" system, "CRCC" certification system, classification society certification system and national laboratory accreditation standards and other related system standards Implemented, and regularly conduct internal and external audits to supervise the effective operation of various systems.



In order to reduce the occurrence of man-made quality incidents, the company invested a large amount of funds to purchase more than 40 sets of advanced production, testing and inspection equipment from January to August 2021. The use of manipulators, manipulator arms, and high-precision equipment not only reduces labor intensity, improves work efficiency, but also maximizes product accuracy.



The heads of the competent department of the quality control center all adopt front-line office and walk-around office methods, sampling, supervise, and control the quality status of the production line, and organize branch leaders on the spot to solve problems immediately, and most of the quality problems are eliminated in the bud ; For inspectors and full inspectors working on the front line of production, the company's quality control center has formulated a practical and feasible evaluation system and strictly implemented it, so that the majority of production, quality inspection, and inspection personnel have become pressure-driven, and product quality has always been strict. Within the control and supervision, the pass rate of offline and factory transfer has been greatly improved.



The general manager's recent visits to a large number of domestic and foreign customers show that: the quality of Shenli company's products is well-known and has won the trust and praise of the majority of domestic and foreign users! In the past year, due to the impact of the epidemic, many customers have inconvenient to come to the company for inspection and directly entrust the company's quality control center to do the inspection. This is enough to show that customers have a high degree of trust and recognition of the Shenli brand. Many more customers insist on buying Shenli products, not non-Shenli brands!



In a word, the quality of products can only be guaranteed by building a better quality control system, with careful research and development, strong teamwork, scientific experimentation, and timely feedback! Shenli firmly believes: "The market is like water, the enterprise is like a boat, the quality is like a rudder, and people are the helmsman." The "aircraft carrier" of China's rigging industry, Shenli, is braving the wind and waves, setting sail and creating new glory!