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New factory, new expectation, new journey ——Shenli Rigging staff representatives visit the new factory

New factory, new expectation, new journey ——Shenli Rigging staff representatives visit the new factory

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In the golden autumn of October, the sweet osmanthus fragrant, fruitful, it is the harvest season. On the afternoon of October 9, the company's landing committee organized the heads of various departments and some employee representatives to take a special car to visit the new industrial park under construction. General Manager Du Daping participated in this event.



After the visiting group arrived in the new park, Mr. Du gave a detailed introduction to the current project progress of the new factory area and the company's future development plan.



Mr. Du said that the new plant covers an area of ​​nearly 500 acres, with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, and an annual output of 20 million sets of 80, 100, and 120 rigging and catenary parts. Build a world-class smart factory of 240,000m² integrating green, smart, and visualization, and add 20 fully automated forging production lines, 30 automatic machining production lines, 20 CNC processing production lines, 10 automatic coating and automatic packaging production lines, and smart There are 38,000 warehouses and 60 sets of large-scale water treatment and cooling systems.



In the plant under construction, the general manager further explained the planning and positioning of the new plant construction to the visiting team: a green demonstration factory, a modern enterprise with close cooperation between automation and mechanization, and a deep integration of intelligent manufacturing, industrialization and informatization.



Mr. Du said in the forging plant that the new forging branch will invest 320 million yuan to realize replacement of machines, improve production efficiency, and reduce labor intensity. At the same time, the plant will adopt the most advanced ventilation system in the industry. The temperature difference between inside and outside is close to 0℃, which greatly optimizes the working environment of employees and increases their happiness index. For Shenli Rigging, the account is simple: everything is for employees, for all employees, only by keeping workers in a healthy and suitable environment, their work efficiency can be improved, and the products produced can be guaranteed Possess good quality.



New factories and new expectations are also a new journey! Staff representatives strolled around the new factory area, thinking about the upcoming standardized workshops, the spacious and spacious production plants...the future has come, and the future can be expected! "This will be a high-standard modern garden-style factory, where the happiness index of work is going to shine." The employee representatives said with a smile.



Through this visit, the people of Shenli have personally felt the results of the company's industrial upgrading and development work, excited and full of confidence. In the future, we will move forward hand in hand and create greater glories!