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Shenli Rigging successfully completed the participation of the 130th Canton Fair

Shenli Rigging successfully completed the participation of the 130th Canton Fair

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From October 15th to 19th, Guangzhou ushered in a two-year trade event, and the 130th Canton Fair was held online and offline simultaneously. Affected by the new crown epidemic, global exchanges have been hindered, and the international economy and supply chain have not yet recovered. This hard-won golden autumn agreement is bound to attract global attention. For the first time, this year's Canton Fair takes the promotion of domestic and international dual cycles as the theme, serving foreign trade companies to explore both international and domestic markets. Efforts to promote business model innovation, the first online and offline integration exhibition, has become a new breakthrough and attempt in the history of the Canton Fair, opening up new order channels!



Shenli Rigging fully understands the importance of participating in the Canton Fair under the current situation, strengthens confidence, and actively participates. Exhibitors earnestly prepare for the exhibition with a full mental state, optimize the exhibition area, exhibits and exhibitors, and aim to take advantage of the platform advantages of the Canton Fair. More new markets, meeting more new customers; At the same time, President Du focused on the deployment of epidemic prevention and control, requiring exhibitors to strictly implement exhibition management requirements, and equipped exhibitors with protective equipment such as N95 and alcohol disinfectant to ensure stability and compliance , Safe participation. As the world's top rigging R&D, design, and manufacturing factory, Shenli Rigging shines in the 130th Canton Fair with a variety of breakthrough and innovative high-precision new products.



It is understood that the offline exhibition area of ​​this year is 400,000 square meters, which is still the world's largest physical exhibition under the epidemic. According to 16 categories of commodities, 51 exhibition areas have been set up, with a total of 19,181 booths; the original online exhibition is about 60,000. In one booth, about 26,000 Chinese and foreign companies participated online.



At the exhibition site, our staff explained the new products and new technologies of Shenli Rigging in detail and thoughtfulness to the new and old customers who came to visit and understand. The total investment of Shenli Rigging was RMB 1.2 billion. The factory's scientific research capacity, production capacity, product structure, etc. were communicated and exchanged. Many partners have highly recognized the scientific research ability and product quality of Shenli Rigging, and hope that the new factory of Shenli Rigging can be completed and put into production as soon as possible.



The 130th Canton Fair is a world-renowned event and a new starting point for China and the world to share the future in the new era. Shenli Rigging looks forward to working with various industries in the society to take advantage of the East Wind of the Canton Fair to write a new chapter in high-quality development!