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Build a school-enterprise cooperation platform to promote the development of industry-university-research integration

Build a school-enterprise cooperation platform to promote the development of industry-university-research integration

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In October, the garden is full of chrysanthemums. In order to give full play to the advantages of the school and enterprise, strengthen the cooperation of industry, university and research, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, on the afternoon of October 18, general manager Du Daping led the heads of the company office, production planning department, science and technology department, information office and other departments to Shandong University of Technology Vocational college exchanges and cooperation.



General Manager Du Daping and his entourage first came to the Comprehensive Training Building of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College, and visited the University Science Park Exhibition Hall, Photovoltaic Intelligent Production Center, Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Public Training Base, UAV Integrated Training Base, and Marine Engine Technology. In the training center, he personally experienced VR virtual simulation technology and immersive space.



Subsequently, a cooperation meeting was held in the administrative office building of the college. Wen Hanchen, deputy secretary of the party committee and dean of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College, first expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the leaders of Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. on behalf of the college, and highly praised the outstanding achievements of the company in recent years.



Dean Wen gave a detailed introduction to Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College’s school-enterprise cooperation and the construction of intelligent manufacturing. The college adopts the talent training model of "degree education + vocational skills + characteristic management", and emphasizes training and employment, forming a strengthened quality and focus on Distinctive school-running characteristics of vocational education, training skills, and standardized behavior. In May of this year, the Joint College of Meizebao University of Applied Sciences of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College was officially approved by the People's Government of Shandong Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. The cooperation points of the two parties have greatly increased. The addition of Feng Chao, a cadre stationed in the enterprise, has built an "overpass" for the cooperation between the school and the enterprise. The college can be used as a training base for high-skilled technical talents of enterprises, and the enterprise can be used as a practice base for young teachers in the college. It can not only jointly apply for research and development innovation projects, but also carry out "dual system" vocational education and cultivate talents needed by enterprises.



On behalf of the company, General Manager Du Daping expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the school for the carefully arranged exchange visits and the personal reception of the school leaders. He expressed his sincere admiration for the rapid and high-quality development of the school in recent years. At the same time, he fully affirmed the early scientific research cooperation between the two parties. Mr. Du briefly introduced the development status of the enterprise in the post-epidemic era, and then made the fourteenth five-year development goals of the enterprise, the development plan of the new factory area, the vision of introducing the German "dual system" high-skilled talent training model, and the school-enterprise joint education. The detailed introduction.



At the meeting, the two parties had in-depth discussions on the development of all-round school-enterprise cooperation on "production, learning, research, teaching, and training". The two parties will jointly build a school-enterprise cooperation linkage platform that integrates talent training, scientific research, technological innovation, and corporate services, and build a linkage development mechanism for vocational education and industrial clusters, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of vocational education and regional economy. contribute.



After the meeting, President Du and his entourage visited Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College Meizebao University of Applied Technology Joint College and the Training Base of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering one after another.