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Introducing wisdom to help enhance the stamina of enterprise development

Introducing wisdom to help enhance the stamina of enterprise development

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On October 23, according to the arrangement of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the third chairman meeting of Jining Intelligence Introduction Alliance was held in Renxing Business Center, Rencheng District, Jining City. The main content of the meeting was the exchange of new experience in recruiting talents, the signing ceremony of the on-site talent introduction cooperation project, discussing and deciding to add the second batch of member units, governing units and deputy secretary-generals to the intelligence introduction alliance, and discussing and revising the "Jining International Talents" The Ten Key Work Goals of the Exchange and Intelligence Introduction Alliance" and the "Report on the Work of Jining International Talent Exchange and Intelligence Introduction Alliance". Comrade Chen Deqi, director of Jining International Talent Exchange Center, presided over the promotion meeting. Leaders such as Zhang Yancheng, director of Shandong International Talent Exchange Service Center, and Xu Yan, secretary general of Shandong International Talent Exchange Association, attended the meeting.



The general manager of the company, Du Daping, participated in the conference as one of the directors of the Jining Intelligence Introducing Alliance Council, and delivered a speech report entitled "Introducing Intelligence to Enhance the Stamina of Enterprise Development" at the conference. In the report, Mr. Du first summarized the work and achievements of Shenli Rigging Company in recruiting talents in recent years. Jining City dispatched Shenli Rigging Company to help corporate climbing cadres, and Feng Chao, deputy dean of the School of International Education of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College, attended the meeting.



In order to broaden the channels for attracting talents, we will give full play to our own advantages and take the initiative in choosing ways to attract talents and expanding the scope of talent introduction. At the signing of the conference, the general manager Du Daping first signed a framework agreement on joint training of professional and technical talents with the Meizebao Joint College of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College on behalf of the company. Li Yunzhi, member of the Party Committee and Vice Dean of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College, Feng Chao, a municipal cadre in the enterprise, and Vice Dean of the School of International Education of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College attended the signing ceremony.


It is not the first time that Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College. Since the start of the city’s corporate climbing work, Feng Chao, the municipal cadre in the company and deputy dean of the School of International Education of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College, has given full play to its industry-university-research experience and international cooperation resources. Advantages, promote close cooperation between schools and enterprises. Both parties will focus on the company’s future key development of strategic products, jointly build intellectual property and patent libraries closely related to strategic product technologies, and cooperate in the development of high-value invention patents. There are 8 invention patents, including methods and devices for applying loads and restraints in force analysis.



Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College Meizeburg University of Applied Sciences Joint College is a Sino-foreign cooperative education institution organized by the first batch of vocational colleges in Shandong Province. The college adheres to high-level and international education, closely integrates industry needs, introduces high-quality German educational resources, and cultivates enterprises. Master intelligent manufacturing technology and high-quality comprehensive skilled talents with international vision. Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private high-tech enterprise that manufactures grade 80, grade 100, and grade 120 high-end rigging products in China. Now it is the first batch of specialization and new "little giant" enterprises announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the single champion enterprise in Shandong manufacturing industry, the gazelle enterprise in Shandong province and the national high-tech enterprise. Both schools and enterprises will carry out all-round cooperation in "production, learning, research, teaching, and training" to jointly build a school-enterprise cooperation linkage platform that integrates talent training, scientific research, technological innovation, corporate services, international cooperation and other functions to build a career The linkage development mechanism of education and industrial clusters empowers and increases efficiency for vocational education and regional economic development.



In order to improve the enhancement of corporate product design features and the research on the possibility of future digital manufacturing technology, General Manager Du Daping and Qingdao Haier Kaosi IOT Technology Co., Ltd. signed a technical service agreement, aiming to jointly build an industrial Internet for the rigging industry The platform will realize customer online design interaction, smart ordering, smart production, smart warehousing and logistics in the future. The digital quality management platform will run through the entire production process, and the IoT platform will be used to realize the access and storage of all production elements. To achieve rapid response to customer needs, rapid product iteration, full-process quality control, monitoring of the entire production process, and integration of product services.


The introduction of foreign intellectual work is conducive to enhancing the stamina of enterprise development. We believe that with the strong support of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government and the city’s introduction of foreign intelligence alliances, we will make full use of the advantages of all parties and at the same time give full play to our own advantages.