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Good news! Shenli Rigging won the honorary title of "Top Ten" in Jining City's industry again

Good news! Shenli Rigging won the honorary title of "Top Ten" in Jining City's industry again

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On January 24, under the joint guidance of Jining City Manufacturing Construction Command and Jining City Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Jining City Industrial Development Service Center, Shandong Saidi Industry and Information Technology Research Institute hosted the second Jining City Industrial The top ten selection event was grandly held in the Government Affairs and Media Center of Jining Radio and Television Station. It is reported that the second industrial "Top Ten" selection activity of Jining City has undergone preliminary review by the expert group, online broadcast public selection and comprehensive evaluation by the joint expert group, and finally determined the "Top Ten" new industrial products and "Top Ten" new industrial technologies ( New technology) and the list of companies with three major categories of awards for the "Top Ten" industrial technological transformation projects.



The "Technical Upgrading and Transformation Project of MES Digital Production in Traditional Manufacturing Industry" for which Shenli Rigging applied for participation stood out among many technological transformation projects and won the honorary title of "Top Ten Industrial Technology Transformation Projects in 2020". This is another honor that our company has won after winning the first ten industrial honors of Jining last year. It demonstrates our company's determination and strength in improving the technological transformation and technological innovation of traditional industries. During the application process, Feng Chao, the municipal cadre in the enterprise and the deputy dean of the School of International Education of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College, gave strong support.



The general manager of the company, Du Daping, personally led the team to participate in this event and came to the stage to receive the award! Zhang Shengming, deputy mayor of the municipal government, and Meng Qingsong, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government, presented awards to the winning companies.



The MES digital production technology upgrading and transformation project is through the digital transformation of the traditional industry MES, so that enterprises can use network information technology, automation technology, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies on the basis of process optimization, and use intelligent data collection and analysis equipment, human Computer interaction and communication, digital decision-making and management, realize the informatization and digitization of the whole value chain of design process and manufacturing process, integrate the company’s production factors, manufacturing resources, business links, process flow and corporate strategy and other dimensions to achieve Shorten the product development cycle, reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, improve product quality and other purposes, so as to realize the company's transformation and upgrading from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a modern intelligent manufacturing enterprise. Through the introduction of intelligent digitization, the overall competitiveness of the enterprise is improved. By advancing the advancement of informatization technology transformation, it provides typical cases and lessons for the city's informatization technology transformation.



The municipal party committee and the municipal government centered on the goal of building a strong manufacturing city. Since the implementation of the enterprise climbing project, they have focused on the growth and cultivation of enterprises, accurately solved the problems of enterprise development, and promoted the high-quality development of enterprises. This award is a full affirmation of the climbing effectiveness of Shenli Rigging Enterprise. In the next step, our company will keep a close eye on the climbing goal, improve the production technology level, optimize the implementation path of technological transformation, and make every effort to promote the transformation of the city’s industrial economy from new to old kinetic energy and speed up construction" Make a strong city" and contribute!