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The Jining City Helping Enterprise Climbing Research Team went to Shenli Rigging for research and guidance

The Jining City Helping Enterprise Climbing Research Team went to Shenli Rigging for research and guidance

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On the afternoon of November 24th, Li Liangpin, vice chairman of the Jining CPPCC and vice president of the Municipal Intermediate Court, and Hou Dianfeng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Jining Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, led a group of members of the 21st group of municipal aid enterprises to climb to our company to help Enterprise climbing work research. Leaders such as Zhu Ruixian, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of the Economic Development Zone, Zhang Jian, Chief Economist, Du Yazhong, Chairman of the Company, Du Daping, General Manager, and Feng Chao, a cadre helping enterprises to climb, accompanied the investigation.

The members of the research team first inspected the automated production line at the company's forging branch site, accompanied by the company’s general manager Du Daping and the company’s climbing cadre Feng Chao, and observed the industrial technology transformation of the 2020 “Top Ten” in the machining branch. "Traditional manufacturing industry MES digital production technology upgrade project" transformation site. In the company's product exhibition hall, Mr. Du gave a detailed introduction to the research team about the company's product development and production, and application sites, and reported on the future product upgrade development trend.



Subsequently, at the symposium, the research team listened to the work reports of the company's heads and cadres who helped the company to study and solve the problems related to the company's climbing. The company’s party branch secretary and chairman Du Yazhong gave a speech first, and on behalf of the company expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the leading group to help companies climb, and expressed heartfelt thanks for the long-term help and support!



According to the meeting arrangements, the members of our company’s climbing work team listed financial, new projects, policy support, intellectual property, new energy utilization, market supervision and other 6 categories and 13 question lists. Appeal.



Finally, Li Liangpin, the leader of Jining City’s Climbing Group 21 and Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, concluded his speech. He pointed out that we must further emancipate our minds, raise awareness, and earnestly treat the work of helping companies climb as a political task, the No. 1 project. Achieve a high degree of unity of thinking and a high degree of concentration of energy, and make every effort to promote the expansion and strength of the enterprise and the high-quality development of the industry.



It is necessary to focus on the implementation of the enterprise's climbing, solve the problems of the enterprise's demands, urge the enterprise to climb quickly, stimulate the confidence and motivation of the enterprise's development, focus on the enterprise's technological transformation projects, foreign cooperation projects, scientific research and innovation projects, and effectively enhance the overall competition of the enterprise force. In putting forward new requirements for cadres who help companies climb, he emphasized that cadres who help companies climb must strengthen their own training, continuously improve their personal job adaptation, study and practice practical ability, serve the development of the enterprise wholeheartedly, and take practical actions to promote the construction of a strong manufacturing city. Take a new step.