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Shenli Rigging held a digital transformation and development work promotion meeting

Shenli Rigging held a digital transformation and development work promotion meeting

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In response to the requirements of the national "14th Five-Year" development plan for the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, to further promote the digital transformation and upgrading of Shenli Rigging, unifying thinking and clarifying goals, according to the company leadership arrangement, November 29, Director of Shenli Rigging Information Center Meng Hailiang shared with everyone the company's overall structure of informatization, transformation goals and "531" strategic plan at the company's regular meeting on Monday. Chairman Du Yazhong, General Manager Du Daping, Executive Vice President Yang Yonghai and other company leaders attended the meeting.



In recent years, the continuous upgrading and iteration of artificial intelligence and innovative technologies have made business managers generally agree with the value of digital and intelligent business operations; at the same time, the sudden new crown epidemic has also played a role in promoting the digital transformation of all industries, no matter what industry the company belongs to. At any stage of development, they are actively looking for a digital transformation and development path that suits them.


Digital transformation is actually the reshaping of business processes. For some traditional enterprises, once they start digital transformation, they will be involved in the whole body. Starting from the upstream production side, data storage is required to be implemented with a newer ERP system, and passed to the downstream operation side, technical side, etc., all businesses naturally have to Realized based on a new and stable system. Therefore, in the digital transformation of traditional enterprises, what is lacking is not the digital technology that supports a certain unit, but how can we build a digital system that can be used seamlessly in a short period of time, and this system must ensure that upstream and downstream employees can easily participate in it , And bugs cannot easily appear.


Pursuing high-quality development, maintaining and enhancing market competitiveness, and digital transformation and upgrading are not only a strategic choice, but also the only way for an enterprise to perform refined operations. Combining its own actual situation, Shenli Rigging signed a framework agreement on joint training of professional and technical talents with Meizebao Joint College of Shandong Polytechnic Vocational College in October this year to strengthen the training of skilled talents, especially the training of digital application and management talents. Digital transformation provides strong talent support.


At the same time, Shenli Rigging signed a technical service agreement with Qingdao Haier Kaosi IOT Technology Co., Ltd., aiming to jointly build an industrial Internet platform for the rigging industry, and realize customer online design interaction, intelligent ordering, intelligent production, and intelligent warehousing in the future. Fully connect with logistics, use a digital quality management platform to run through the entire production process, and use the Internet of Things platform to realize the access and storage of all elements of production.



The progress of society requires us to speed up our pace and keep up with the rhythm of the times. Mr. Du pointed out that digital transformation is an important engine to promote the high-quality development of Shenli rigging and an inevitable choice for the second take-off of Shenli rigging. All branches and departments shall actively connect and implement the digital development strategy, and actively promote the transformation and transformation of digital development. For an enterprise, digital transformation is tantamount to reinventing and pursuing its essence. It is believed that after completing the digital transformation of business form, organizational structure, technical management, corporate culture, and personnel composition, Shenli Rigging will grow and grow in the wave of digitalization with a faster, more efficient, and high-quality development speed.