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Shenli rigging successfully passed the acceptance of "Healthy Enterprise" in Jining City

Shenli rigging successfully passed the acceptance of "Healthy Enterprise" in Jining City

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On November 30, the Jining City Health Enterprise Construction and Acceptance Expert Group came to the company to evaluate and accept the work of healthy enterprise construction. Company Chairman Du Yazhong, General Manager Du Daping, Labor Union Chairman Li Guangde, and relevant founding staff accompanied the inspection.



In accordance with the "Shandong Province Healthy Enterprise Construction Evaluation Form" and "Healthy Enterprise Construction Evaluation Rules" as the standards, the review team listens to reports, on-site assessments, and consults materials, in terms of organization and management, healthy environment construction, health-related activities, and construction effects. Scored the company on site, affirmed the bright spots in the construction of healthy enterprises, and put forward specific suggestions for the shortcomings and deficiencies in the enterprise creation activities.



Through the comprehensive evaluation of the expert group, Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. finally successfully passed the evaluation and acceptance of the establishment of Shandong health enterprises, and was assessed as a "municipal health enterprise" in Jining City.



The review team put forward specific opinions and suggestions on the next steps and key content of the establishment, and pointed out that in the future, it should continue to consolidate the achievements of the establishment, and implement all tasks in strict accordance with the requirements of the superiors, so that healthy enterprises can be more standardized and sustainable, and truly carry on Responsibility to maintain the physical and mental health of employees, to allow employees to share the results of a healthy company, to promote the physical and mental health of employees, to allow the healthy development of the company and the healthy growth of employees to achieve mutual benefit, win-win development and common improvement.


Shenli Rigging has always been adhering to the social responsibility concept of "corporate development, employee benefits" and the health concept of "I exercise, I am healthy, and I am happy", and actively build a green, healthy, sustainable, and respected healthy enterprise. Deepen the establishment of healthy enterprises as the focus, organically integrate the establishment of healthy enterprises with corporate culture construction, green factory construction, safety management and staff team construction, plan overall, and organize meticulously to promote the company's comprehensive, sustainable and healthy development. The establishment of the company's "healthy enterprise" is of great significance for guiding the company to fulfill the main responsibility of maintaining the health of employees, creating a good corporate culture, and ensuring the physical and mental health of employees in all directions and throughout the cycle.