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Ingenuity inherits skills, innovation leads the future

Ingenuity inherits skills, innovation leads the future

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On the morning of December 11th, great masters gathered in the office building of Shenli Rigging. The general manager of the company, Du Daping, presided over the awarding ceremony of Shandong Enterprise Science and Technology Innovation Award, the 2021 Shandong Hardware Industry Technical Experts and the 10th Shandong Hardware Product Skills Competition Awarding Ceremony, and personally awarded the honorary masters honor certificate.


The company leaders have long attached great importance to the training and development of skilled talents. "Master Innovation Studio" and "Senior Technician Studio" have been established in every link from design to processing. Technology R&D has "Master Qiu Hengchen Innovation Studio", and production and processing technology has "Liu Yunbin Model Workers Innovation Studio" (forging workers). Senior Technician Studio), "Liu Qingfeng Craftsman Innovation Studio" (Machining Senior Technician Workshop), "Mold Processing Senior Technician Innovation Studio", "Electric Welding Processing Senior Technician Innovation Studio", "Electrician Senior Technician Innovation Studio" , "Comprehensive Innovation Working Group" and other innovation studios and working groups. Among them, Qilu craftsmen, Jining craftsmen, top-notch skilled talents, municipal technical experts, senior engineers, senior technicians, engineers, etc. have become "municipal high-skilled talent training demonstration bases."



In the 2021 "Shenli Cup" in the 10th Shandong Province Hardware Industry Skills Competition, our company's players lived up to the company's expectations and won the first, second and third prizes of forgers, fitters, and heat treatment workers. 16 players were rated as "technical "Master" title. This competition is an important measure to further improve the work of high-skilled talents, accelerate the construction of high-skilled talents, and fully implement the strategy of strengthening the company with talents. It is of great significance for the company's employees to learn skills and strive to become talents, and to promote the company's production, operation and sustainable development.


Inherit the skills with ingenuity and lead the future with innovation. Shenli people will continue to promote the spirit of model workers, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, and extensively carry out the activities of "creating advanced and innovative studios for model workers and craftsmen". Efforts will be made to build an advanced innovation platform for model workers, build an advanced work team for model workers, and launch outstanding innovative projects, which will play an active role in improving the level of employees' business skills and accelerating the optimization of production processes. Use continuous innovation to meet customer needs, use superb skills to create the brand of Shenli, and work hard to build a "century of magic"!