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"Ten Billion Fund" to promote the high-quality development of Shenli Rigging

"Ten Billion Fund" to promote the high-quality development of Shenli Rigging

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On January 14, the Jining High-growth Enterprise Investment Summit was grandly opened. This is a major measure for Jining to play the role of guiding funds and serve the development of the real economy. . Yu Yongsheng, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and Ding Xiaobo, Managing Director of Infinity Capital attended and delivered speeches.



Jining City, anchored in "building a city with industry, developing a city with industry, and building a strong city with manufacturing", has established a strong manufacturing city construction headquarters, focused on the "231" advanced manufacturing cluster, continued to strengthen the "investment first awareness", and fully implemented the "cadre assistance". Enterprise Climbing", the whole city has formed a strong atmosphere of focusing on industries and manufacturing, and the city's economic development has a good momentum and strong stamina.



As one of the 100 high-growth enterprises in Jining City, Shenli Rigging actively responded to the government's call and signed an on-site contract during the summit. In the next step, Shenli Rigging will take advantage of the "east wind" of helping enterprises to climb and developing funds for high-growth enterprises, comprehensively strengthen the docking and cooperation with fund management companies and investment companies, and take advantage of development to further promote the company's digital transformation and upgrading, in order to seek high Quality development, maintain and enhance market competitiveness, and achieve better and faster development of the company.