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The government's condolences send warmth and deep care to warm people's hearts

The government's condolences send warmth and deep care to warm people's hearts

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The Spring Festival brings warmth, and the coldness of the new year is stronger. On January 20, Jining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision dispatched Chen Jingdong, head of the first discipline inspection and supervision team, Ge Yan, member of the party group and vice chairman of Jining City Federation of Trade Unions, and other leaders to send a group of warm condolences to Shandong Shenli Rigging Co., Ltd. for a warm visit Condolences, on-the-spot understanding of the company's production and operation development status. Zhang Wei, Commissioner of Social Affairs Management of the Economic Development Zone, Yue Haihong, Vice Chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions and other district leaders, Du Daping, General Manager of Shenli Rigging, Li Guangde, Chairman of the Trade Union, and Yu Tonglei, Secretary of the Board of Directors, attended the event.



Du Daping, the general manager of the company, first thanked the city leaders for their care and support for Shenli Rigging, thanked the government for sending "20,000 yuan of condolences" to the company's 12 employees in difficulty, and said that Shenli Rigging would solve the problem seriously with emotion and responsibility The actual difficulties of the hard-working employees make them fully feel the warmth of the big social family.



Mr. Du introduced the development, production and operation of the company, as well as the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of the enterprise, and reported on the assistance work of Shenli Rigging to the employees in difficulty over the years; at the same time, Mr. Du mentioned that Shenli Rigging is coming in the Spring Festival in 2022. On this occasion, in order to let the families in need feel the warmth of the Party, the government and the company, according to the spirit of the company's general party branch and board of directors meeting, the company will carry out a New Year's condolence activity with the theme of "send warmth, do practical things, and promote development". The "2022 Spring Festival Condolences Activity Plan" has been formulated to ensure that the condolences are carried out in an orderly manner.



Chen Jingdong, the team leader, affirmed Shenli Rigging's business status, future planning and care for employees; he pointed out that Shenli Rigging should have firm confidence and take the road of professional, branding and international development. The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to the development of the private economy, and have issued a series of policies to seize opportunities, further clarify development ideas, do a good job in planning and design, actively communicate and coordinate with relevant departments, and realize the relocation of production workshops in the new factory area as soon as possible. Team leader Chen highly agrees with Mr. Du's development idea: the key to the development and growth of an enterprise lies in innovation. Enterprises should further increase investment, realize automation, intelligence, digitization, and paperless, promote technological and management innovation, achieve sustainable development, and strive to achieve sustainable development. Create a "hundred-year-old power".