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Shenli Rigging visits and condolences to send care, practice the original intention and do practical things

Shenli Rigging visits and condolences to send care, practice the original intention and do practical things

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When the Spring Festival in 2022 is approaching, in order to practice the original intention of "enterprise development and employee benefit", so that people in need can feel the warmth of the party, government and company, which fully reflects the company's party branch, company trade union and party and government working group to the old party members in difficulty. , the care and respect of the employees in difficulty, according to the spirit of the company's general party branch and the board of directors, a New Year's condolence activity of "sending warmth, doing practical things, and promoting development" was carried out. Condolences Program.

Reach out to help in times of distress, and help warm people's hearts with love. Recently, entrusted by Comrade Du Yazhong, Secretary of the Party Branch and Chairman of the Company, and Comrade Du Daping, General Manager, the Shenli Rigging Consolation Group led by Li Guangde, Chairman of the Trade Union of the Company, visited the employees in special difficulties, retired old cadres and old Party members, representing the company's party organization. , the board of directors sent them the company's care and heartfelt blessings.



On January 24th, the condolence team visited retired veteran cadres and party members to talk about life and family life, learn more about their daily life, physical condition and family situation, and extend holiday greetings!



The lives of difficult employees are always a concern for businesses. The condolence team visited and consoled the family of Sun Guoying, a worker in difficulty, and asked for warmth, earnestly understanding the family's living conditions, the physical condition of the elderly, their children's schooling and current living problems. Year after year, the warmth is still the same, and we are heading towards spring with the belief of "a family with divine power"!



From January 25th to 27th, the condolence team went to the homes of some employees in difficulty to visit and offer condolences. They distributed the company's love relief fund, sent Spring Festival condolences, and conveyed the company's leaders' sincere greetings and best wishes to the employees, encouraging them to build up their confidence. , optimistic about life.



In this condolence activity, the company distributed 2,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan of love relief funds respectively according to the family's difficulties, with a total of 23,000 yuan. Company leaders have always been concerned about the lives of employees in difficulty, and have taken various measures to continuously improve the production and living conditions of employees, and focus on solving outstanding problems that employees care about. The employees who were relieved expressed their gratitude to the party organization, the company, the chairman and the general manager for their help and care in times of crisis, and they were determined to work earnestly on their posts and make more contributions to the development of Shenli.