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Shenli Rigging starts work

Shenli Rigging starts work

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At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane has been renewed, the atmosphere of the Spring Festival has not dissipated, and a new journey has begun. On the sixth day of the first lunar month, we welcome the new journey of the Year of the Tiger! Shenli rigging, good luck!



In the new year, we will remain down-to-earth, promote the development and progress of Shenli Rigging, adhere to the development concept of "high-end and high-quality cooperation and win-win", and unswervingly lead our employees to "provide a higher level for the world". , higher quality, safer and more reliable rigging products and services" continue to forge ahead.



Du Daping, the general manager of the company, led the company's management personnel to arrive at the company as soon as possible, and stood at the door of the company early to welcome the family members of Shenli who came one after another, extended sincere greetings and sent New Year wishes.



Come to work happily, revive Huwei and set off again. Today, we are back to work, let us pack up our mood, bring the expectation and vision of the Chinese New Year, and embark on a new journey. In the new year, don't forget the original intention, in order to complete the goals and tasks of the whole year, keep walking and struggling, and strive to achieve new achievements! To the future together! Shenli man, come on!



After all the employees entered the factory, Chairman Du Yazhong and General Manager Du Daping went to the production workshop, product warehouse, canteen dormitory and other areas to understand the mental state and equipment operation of each workshop department after the festival, and focused on the prevention and control of the epidemic. implementation of the measures. The leaders of the company constantly urged the relevant persons in charge to remain vigilant at all times, thoroughly investigate potential safety hazards, effectively implement the rectification of hidden dangers, and increase the intensity of employee safety education and training to ensure the safety of production.

The new year breeds new hope, and the new journey composes new brilliance. Looking forward to 2022, Shenli Rigging will make strategic planning from the top-level design, make good use of 5G + artificial intelligence, steadily promote the implementation of "digital workshop, smart factory", continue to lean production management, and always maintain the leading technology, cost and quality; more Focusing on the long-term strategy of the company, fully leveraging capital empowerment, accelerating the industrial transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and continuously improving innovative R&D and global synchronous supply capabilities with the spirit of hard work and innovation.