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Adhere to the quality of the enterprise to create a world famous brand

Adhere to the quality of the enterprise to create a world famous brand

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Quality is an eternal issue for all industries, and Shenli Rigging is no exception. In recent years, under the leadership of Chairman Du Yazhong and General Manager Du Daping, Shenli Rigging adheres to the principle of "quality first and creates a win-win situation", takes multiple measures to strictly control the quality, and wholeheartedly provides high-quality rigging products for domestic and foreign merchants , Excellent product quality and high-quality after-sales service have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers!



Since 2019, the global spread of the new crown epidemic has caused double damage to supply and demand, the world economy has continued to slump, the foreign trade industry has been seriously affected, and the situation of few orders, high costs and fierce competition still exists. In the face of this situation, Du Daping, general manager of Shenli Rigging, kept his original intention in mind, firmed his belief, and adhered to the strategic policy of winning by quality and building a strong enterprise with quality. Once again clarified the basic principles of enterprise development!

Recently, Shenli Rigging Quality Control Center organized a 2022 annual work conference. Li Guomin, deputy general manager of the company, summarized the quality control work in 2021; at the same time, the quality management work in 2022 was arranged and deployed to further strengthen the product process. Supervision, improve product quality!



In order to ensure product quality, Shenli Rigging innovated the quality control model, implemented the quality wage assessment system, traced the quality responsibility units and individuals in a backward manner, and carried out heavy rewards and punishments. It has changed the working mentality of employees and enhanced the quality awareness of all employees, so that "product quality is in my heart, and product quality is in my hands" is embodied.

In order to ensure product quality, Shenli Company started from the production "leading" forging branch: 6 skilled and experienced elite soldiers were selected from the technical department to set up a "non-grinding and non-integrating" research team. After nearly a year of repeated testing, improvement and verification by the production staff and the research team, phased results have been achieved, the product quality has been improved, and the production progress has been accelerated.

In order to ensure product quality, we always adhere to the "four inspections a week" system to ensure the healthy operation of the "three standards" system: the company's system operation office has established four inspection teams according to actual needs: equipment inspection on Tuesday; safety, production, and environmental inspection on Wednesday ; Process discipline inspection on Thursday; on-site inspection on Saturday. The inspection team issued an inspection report on the same day, and the system operation office issued rectification, closure, and requirements for the inspection items that did not meet the inspection requirements, and included them in the assessment! The healthy and effective operation of the "three standards" system plays an important role in escorting the improvement of product quality.

In order to ensure product quality, Shenli Rigging has increased investment in production, testing and inspection equipment. "If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools." In recent years, with the development of intelligence, automation, networking, and digitalization, Shenli Rigging has taken the lead in important departments such as forging branches, machining branches, and testing centers. Investing a lot of money and configuring high-precision new equipment has greatly improved production efficiency, reduced labor intensity, and more importantly, ensured product processing accuracy, so that product quality has reached a new level!

In order to ensure product quality, the company's quality control center collects and organizes customer suggestions and feedback, deeply understands the real needs of customers, organizes "special meetings", "meeting meetings", "Zhuge Liang meeting", etc., actively discusses, conscientiously rectifies, tracks and implements, and thoroughly Solve and eliminate quality risks in the bud; at the same time, we communicate and communicate with customers face-to-face, listen to their opinions and suggestions humbly, and organize relevant departments to rectify and improve according to the opinions and suggestions put forward by customers, so as to satisfy customers to the greatest extent. demand, to achieve a new chapter of mutual benefit and win-win development.



Satisfying customers, making customers trust, and benefiting customers is the constant purpose of Shenli Rigging. The company will continue to improve the construction of the quality control team, further strengthen the quality control, strictly control the quality control process, strictly implement the quality supervision responsibility, and provide domestic and foreign customers with lifting rigging with reliable quality and stable performance. Quality development!