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Shenli Rigging wishes you a Happy International Women's Day

Shenli Rigging wishes you a Happy International Women's Day

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Spring in March, beauty festival. When the spring is bright this year, the festival dedicated to the majority of women compatriots is also coming as scheduled! As participants and builders of social development, Chinese women compatriots known as "Half the Sky" play an irreplaceable and important role in the social development of our country.


On the occasion of the International Women's Day on March 8, in order to thank the company's female employees for their hard work and outstanding contributions, and to further stimulate their dedication and enthusiasm for work, Du Daping, general manager of Shenli Rigging, prepared for Shenli female compatriots. For holiday gifts, Comrade Shan Chunxue, director of the Mechanism Department of the Company's Landing Committee and director of the Labor Union Women's Work Committee, distributed gifts on behalf of the company, and sent warm holiday wishes to the female employees who have worked hard in various positions in the company for a long time.



For a long time, the female compatriots of Shenli have been based on their posts and worked steadfastly. With full enthusiasm and persistent pursuit, they judged the situation and kept pace with the times. They not only achieved hard study, self-improvement, and insisted on developing synchronously with the company; they also worked with male colleagues. China and Belgium, learning, rushing, helping, and surpassing, show women's style in their respective positions, write beautiful chapters, show labor spirit, and give full play to the role of "half the sky". "The figure has made outstanding contributions to the development of the company.



The female compatriots of Shenli first thank the company leaders for their care and support, and thank Shenli Rigging for providing a platform to display their talents and pursue their dreams. Shenli Women will strengthen their dreams, live up to their time, constantly improve their business skills, and constantly improve their comprehensive quality. With a fighting attitude, they will contribute new strength and show new achievements in the new journey of the company's transformation and upgrading.