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Leaders of the CPPCC came to Shenli Rigging to carry out research activities

Leaders of the CPPCC came to Shenli Rigging to carry out research activities

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On April 19, Dong Xuechen, vice chairman of the CPPCC, and his 4-person team came to our company for a visit and research. Du Daping, general manager of Shenli Rigging, warmly received the research team and made a detailed report on the development of the company!



First, the research team came to the product exhibition hall on the first floor of the office building. Mr. Du introduced in detail the development of the company's current product varieties, production scale, technical level and market strategy, and made a detailed report on the planning and construction of our company's new industrial park.



Afterwards, Mr. Du led the research team to visit the company's CNAS National Laboratory, introduced the relevant situation of the laboratory in detail, and explained the testing and inspection methods of rigging products and the mechanical properties of rigging products.



Vice Chairman Dong fully affirmed the development achievements of Shenli Rigging, and encouraged enterprises to continuously strengthen scientific and technological innovation, speed up the company's transformation and upgrading, continuously improve market competitiveness, and promote the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of Shenli Rigging!