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Unite as one and take responsibility and unite to fight the epidemic

Unite as one and take responsibility and unite to fight the epidemic

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On April 19, at the critical moment of the people's prevention and control of the "new crown" epidemic in the whole region, in order to help solve the shortage of office equipment at nucleic acid testing points in the region and speed up the rapid entry of nucleic acid testing results into the information system, the general manager of the company, Du Daping, represented the company to the economic The epidemic prevention and control headquarters of the open area donated 100 Glory brand laptops with a total value of 360,000 yuan, showing the confidence and determination of Shenli Rigging and the whole district to work together to win the tough battle of epidemic prevention and control.



The more difficult the moment, the more responsibility it shows; the more difficult and dangerous it is, the more human love it is! Each laptop is a part of the responsibility and love of the donating enterprise, expressing respect and friendship for the front-line staff of epidemic prevention and control, building a solid barrier for united efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, and also demonstrating the corporate social responsibility and take responsibility.



Liu Hengzhi, member of the District Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee, and Sheng Chunting, Deputy Director of the Municipal Trade and Logistics Park and Chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions, accepted the donation on behalf of the District Charity Branch and the District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters. He said that he was very grateful for the kindness of Shenli Rigging Company. During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, caring enterprises took practical actions to help epidemic prevention and control, which fully reflected a strong sense of social responsibility and selfless dedication, and provided strong support for epidemic prevention and control work. Assure.



General Manager Du Daping said at the donation site: "This is a little intention of our company. We hope that through our actions, we can let the comrades who are fighting the front line of epidemic prevention and control know that you are not fighting alone, there are thousands of people behind you. Caring enterprises will give you full support and escort, I believe that we are united and help each other, and we will be able to win the battle for people's health against the epidemic as soon as possible!"