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Never forget the original mission, care for children and help them grow

Never forget the original mission, care for children and help them grow

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Children's day on June 1 is a holiday for children all over the world. On this day, in addition to the happy playground, the wonderful Ferris wheel and the sweet marshmallow, many children live on the other side of happiness. Disease, hunger, war, poverty, homelessness and violence are seriously threatening the survival of children all over the world.


With a clear mind, never forget the pure heart. Shenli rigging has the courage to assume social responsibilities and always pays close attention to the growth of children. In May this year, dudaping, general manager of Shenli rigging, continued to offer love for the "hope hut" children care project in Jining City, and his personal donation was 12000 yuan. Since 2020, the activity of jointly building a "hope cabin" has been carried out. Mr. Du has donated nearly 40000 yuan in total. At the same time, under the guidance of Mr. Du, the employees of the company consciously turned on their mobile phones to actively donate online to help the "hope cabin" care activity. In this event, the total amount of donations from Shenli rigging was 18160.8 yuan.


Shandong Shenli rigging Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to the work of helping the poor and donating funds to help students, which is related to the development and stability of the enterprise. Up to now, the company has made donations for the poor students of "loving Jiaxiang to realize the university dream", the poor students of "jointly holding up tomorrow's sun", the rehabilitation of deaf mute children of Jining Huize children's rehabilitation center, "safety knowledge into the campus", and the joint construction of "hope cabin" and other project activities.


Since 2016, Shenli rigging has made love donations to poor college students in the economic development zone every year; In addition, under the initiative of general manager dudaping, the company also held "divine power grants" distribution activities for the top students' families in the "school season", showing the company's "family friendly management mode" with practical actions, and practicing the solemn commitment of "enterprise development and employee benefit".



Children are the future of the motherland and the hope of the nation; Whether hundreds of millions of children can grow up healthily is related to the future and destiny of the country and the success or failure of the party's cause. Care for children and donate with love. What you donate is your heart, what you gain is your moving. It is also the duty and sacred duty of every citizen to care for and promote the healthy growth of children. Divine power rigging will continue to bear in mind its mission, fulfill its social responsibility, gather love with its original heart, and interpret its responsibility with action, so that more children can grow up healthily and happily in the glory of the party!