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Shenli rigging sling Dragon Boat Festival gift

Shenli rigging sling Dragon Boat Festival gift

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The festival is divided into the Dragon Boat Festival. It is said that Quyuan is the name of the Dragon Boat Festival. Because of Qu Yuan's "a long way to go, I will go up and down to find out", "although the understanding of it has not changed, how can I be punished", "a long rest to cover my tears, mourning the difficulties of the people's livelihood", "a clean death to stand upright, solidifying the former holy place" and "a long death without regret", the Dragon Boat Festival has become the most vigorous festival among the traditional festivals. Quyuan spirit and the Chinese national spirit come down in one continuous line. We should better inherit Quyuan spirit, carry forward patriotism, and provide a strong spiritual impetus for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

One Dragon Boat Festival a year, one year and one health! As always, Shenli rigging has prepared a gift box for the holiday season. I would like to extend my sincere thanks and holiday greetings to all my colleagues who have worked hard and made silent contributions. "Zong" enjoys well-being and walks with you all the way. Boxes of heavy gifts not only reflect the company's meticulous care for employees, but also highlight the humanistic concept of "enterprise development and employee benefit" advocated by Shenli rigging.


Employees also expressed that they must turn this concern into a driving force, demand themselves with higher standards, produce more safe and reliable rigging products, and strive to achieve the grand goal of Shenli rigging to build a world-class rigging production and R & D base!


When feeling nostalgic, caress this still sigh! Although the great poet walked in the distant spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, his thought and philosophy of life from "small self" to "big self" have passed through thousands of years of time and space and connected with us in the form of a rich national festival.

Standing at the forefront of the new era, we should inherit and carry forward Qu Yuan's great patriotism, adhere to the feelings of the people, keep in mind the mission of serving the country, and strive to achieve national prosperity and strength in the bright future of welcoming the 20th National Congress and in the dawn of the new era.